Magandang Araw!

Welcome to the Insular Effective Access to Gateway Link Electronic System (i-EAGLE) Customer Portal.

i-EAGLE Customer Portal provides online policy servicing facility that allows you to:

  1. VIEW your Policy Owner’s Manual.
  2. VIEW and PRINT your Policy Information Details.
  3. VIEW and PRINT your Policy Anniversary Transaction History.
  4. VIEW your Statement of Account, Fund Values and History of Unit Prices.
  5. VIEW and PRINT your latest Billing Notice.
  6. PAY your Premiums online using Mastercard or VISA credit card through:
    6.1. e-BAYAD – for one-time payment of current premium due.
    6.2. Automatic Charging Option (ACO) – for payment of future premiums.
  7. APPLY for the following benefits through I-Serve
    7.1. Policy loan
    7.2. Dividend withdrawal
  8. COMMUNICATE with our Customer Care Specialist through:
    8.1. i-EAGLE Mail Box – for your email messages.
    8.2. i-CHAT – for your service concerns requiring real-time feedback.
  9. UPDATE your Personal Information.

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